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Chute Liner Mounting Systems

One-Sided Only Lifting, Mounting, & Bolting

Makuri have progressively developed a true one-sided bolting and installation design called the MAK-Lok system

There is much to be gained by changing to and using faster and safer one-sided mounting systems for all types of chute liners.

The Makuri MAK-Lok system is comprised of 4 major components;

  • The nut/bolt
  • The mounting plate
  • The bolt head receiver – welded into the mounting plate
  • The lifting & alignment Tool

Two-sided Lifting, Mounting & Bolting

Makuri have progressively developed a range of advanced two-sided bolting and installation systems.

Plug Weld
Two-Sided Bolting

MAK- BB System (Back Bolted)

  • Allows for the full life of the liner to be obtained
  • Allows for flat packing
  • Fast, safe and versatile mounting and lifting options
  • Can be used with Makuri’s 5-step installation system
Makuri Chute Liner mounting options MAK-Safe bolt system

MAK-CB Bolts (Capped Bolts)

  • Unique Makuri bimetallic bolts with MAK-Hard white iron caps
  • Prevents wear to the structural part of the bolt
  • Prevents streaming wear in the bolting hole
  • Allows for flat packing
Makuri Chute Mounting Option Capped Bolt

MAK-FT Bolts (Fishtail Bolts)

  • Makuri liners can be manufactured to suit any bolt profile
  • Fishtail bolts are readily available and do not turn inside the hole
  • Allows for some degree of misalignment
  • Liners can be flat packed
Makuri Chute Liner mounting options fishtail bolt system

MAK-HT Studs (High Tensile)

  • Provides for simple installation, but requires additional space for packing
  • Weld-free design ensures tensile strength of studs is maintained
  • Allows for studs to be fully tensioned in critical applications
Makuri Chute Liner mounting options stud bolt system

MAK-CS Bolts (Countersunk)

  • Liners can be manufactured to suit any standard CS bolts available on site
  • In some applications, use of these can allow the full thickness of wear material to be utilised without damaging the bolt head
  • Liners can be flat packed
Makuri Chute Liner mounting options countersunk bolt system

MAK PW Slots (Plug Weld)

  • Can be used where installation conditions do not allow for use of bolts, or where chute conditions are not acceptable for bolting
Makuri Chute Liner mounting options plug weld

All bolting options can be supplied with Nyloc nuts, standard hardened washers, self-aligning sealing washers and self-locking washers.

Typical Problems

  • Poor bolting and retention systems, like countersunk bolts, are still being offered by designers and suppliers based on price
  • Most current systems still require personnel on both sides of the chute to fit both liners and bolts correctly
  • After bolt heads wear off liners fall out and damage belts and downstream processes
  • Damaged bolts are difficult to remove from the chute & require cutting
  • Liners need to be removed early to avoid bolt failure
  • Lack of choice in what retention system is best for each liner application
  • Having personnel only on the one side for mounting and securing adds a significant safety advantages having less personnel doing the job as well as not having personnel in potential confined areas

Makuri Solutions

Makuri can supply a wide range of mounting options to suit existing site fitment practices and can custom-design additional systems to suit individual requirements.

We have developed many proprietary and patented designs that address the demands of the industry for safer and faster relines in most applications and working to cover all such liners applications and conditions as a priority.

Applying the correct liner mounting system allows us to guarantee a lower TCO and provide greater sustainability to our industry

We understand process plant front end maintenance and operational practices better than most. Contact us to see how we can optimise your process plant front end to improve overall plant throughput, maximise asset utilisation and lower carbon footprint

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