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Makuri R&D Chart

The Makuri group is constantly innovating through the testing and using new designs and materials that will deliver ever-increasing value to mining customers.

To our knowledge, few, if any, other mining wear-systems companies spend the amount of time or money in ratio to sales on Research and Development as we do.

We have specifically developed our materials and composites. They are proven to deliver the lowest TCO in their area of use, and many are also covered under patent protection.

Laboratory Testing

In House

We have our own lab and small machine shop to make and test prototype parts. We use a variety of testing regimes incorporating both destructive and non-destructive methods. 

External Independent

We use a variety of 3rd party testing laboratories for both R&D and quality control purposes. These include, but are not limited to;

  • The University of Newcastle Research Association (TUNRA) and their Bulk Materials Testing facilities for all field simulated abrasive and impact wear benchmarking.
  • INTERTEK laboratories and inspection services globally for destructive testing and Quality Assurance and certification to meet international standards such as ISO9001.

Current Projects

Advanced Wear Monitoring Systems


Zero Manual Handling Conveyor Skirting Liner Systems


Crusher Lubrication


Installation & Safety Devices


We constantly seek superior ways to do everyday things