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14 Years making a difference

5 companies in 5 countries

Global Customer & Supplier Base

About us

Our Team

We pride ourselves with having the best team in the game for doing the challenging and innovative work that is required to offer the guaranteed results that we do.

Ian J. Wilson

Founder & CEO


Desi Windanarni

Chief Administrative Officer


Malcolm Sligo

International Sales Director


Brett Holmes

Technical Director


Surya Gumilar

Group Business & Finance Manager


I Made Wiryadana

Business Development Manager - Indonesia



Fabrication & Quality Inspector


Robby Zieda Hilmi

Engineering Manager

About us

Our Companies

Over 14 years we have grown to become 5 companies in 5 countries all specializing in the design, manufacturing and supply of high-performance liners and parts to the mining and quarry industries. We are now a truly global supplier and hold a number of patents and significant IP around these greatly improved offerings.

Makuri Technology Australia Pty Ltd – Perth WA

Based in the mining capital of Australia and is staffed with our senior technical, sales and support staff covering our global operations. Located in Colin St the “mining house street of Perth” we invite you to come and talk about how we can best help you in this challenging industry.

Member of Austmine

Makuri Indonesia Logo

Makuri Indonesia (PT MNE) – Denpasar, Indonesia

Based in Denpasar in the middle of the very diverse country of Indonesia to service the diverse mining locations in the North, East and West. Makuri Indonesia also supplies significant services to The Makuri Group along with representing both Makuri Technology and other major premium mining suppliers in the Indonesian marketplace. More info here

A member of the Indonesian Mining Association

Makuri Technology Pte Ltd – Singapore

This is our holding company location and our global logistics and warehousing centre. We coordinate shipping to and from all parts of the world and hold specialized stocks in bonded warehousing ready for immediate shipment. Makuri Singapore also coordinates local manufacturing from the close by free trade zone large industrial and manufacturing base in Batam Indonesia.

A Member of the Singapore Mining Club

A member of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Makuri Manufacturing Ltd – Hong Kong

Makuri Manufacturing is a technical, commercial and logistics office handling our substantial manufacturing output from across China. It allows for due diligence and Quality Assurance processes of all Makuri manufacturing partners by third parties and effective freight forwarding coordination by land, sea and air as best suits customers’ requirements.

Makuri Technology (India) Ltd – Mumbai, India

This is our newest office and is another technical, commercial and logistics office handling our increasing manufacturing output from India. It allows for due diligence and Quality Assurance processes of all Makuri manufacturing partners by third parties and effective freight forwarding coordination by land, sea and air as best suits customers’ requirements.

Open to a limited number of customers  

Early access to new technology  

Joint building and development of life cycle costing models

Documented results

Significant supply-side benefits for end-users

Become a lower quartile cost operation

Partnering Agreement to cover all mutually agreed areas for performance improvement

About us

Our Partner Program

We seek out the “innovators and early adopters” who want early access to new Makuri Intelligent Design™ innovations as they arise in our target focus area of process plant front-end optimisation and contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Through this Program, we commit to contribute to:

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  • INDICATOR 9.2.1*: The proportion of value added of the manufacturing industry sector to GDP and per capita.
  • INDICATOR 9.4.1 (a): Reduction of industrial sector greenhouse gas emissions.
  • INDICATOR 9.b.1*: Contribution of export of high-tech industrial products

SDG 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production

  • INDICATOR 12.1.1: Strategy for Implementing the Targets of Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • INDICATOR 12.5.1.(a): Amount of generated waste recycled

SDG 13: Climate Action

  • INDICATOR 13.2.2*: Total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per year.
  • INDICATOR 13.2.2.(a): Potential for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • INDICATOR 13.2.2.(b): Potential for reducing the intensity of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

* Please see some partnering conditions and benefits in the diagram and Contact Us to determine if this fit is right for you.

About us

Our Quality Commitment

The Makuri Group is committed to not only providing quality products that are fit for purpose to ensure we meet and exceed our customer’s needs, but also provide a frame work within which our suppliers and employees can take pride and ownership of our commitment to quality too.

  • We commit to implementing and conforming to Quality Management Systems compliant with ISO9001.
  • We commit to supplying products that conform with both our 3-level guarantee system and our Terms & Conditions of Supply
  • We commit to using independent 3rd party providers to test, audit and provide certification of our products to international standards
  • We commit to ongoing R&D to provide increasingly better solutions to our customers and reduce the total cost of ownership
  • We commit to resolving non-conformances by using advanced analysis techniques to identify the root cause of issues and prevent recurrence
  • We commit to looking for all designs, materials and systems that will reduce carbon footprint
  • We commit to complying with and implementing our Safety Policy
  • We commit to our Sustainability practices
  • We commit to ensuring our employees are both trained and capable of performing all such tasks to the required standard
  • We are committed to a continuous improvement culture through our values and behaviours
About us

Our Guarantee Systems

When you spend as much time and effort developing the best materials and designs that we do, you can also offer the best guarantees too.We are proud to offer our industry-leading, best in class, 3-level guarantee system. These guarantees are shown in summary below and are also included in detail in our Standard Terms & Conditions for all goods supplied by us.

Level 1

Level 1

Fit, Form, Function and Free of faulty workmanship and materials (5F) – Guarantee

Level 2

Level 2

Lowest cost per tonne (LC) – Guarantee

Level 3

Level 3

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Guarantee

Great people doing great things