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March 29, 2021

Update from the CEO of Makuri Technology Group

In one name or the other, we have been in business for over 12 years now, but the last 12 months, or so, has been very tough for our small group supplying mining and quarrying customers globally thru our 5 companies in 4 countries.  During 2017/18 it became much clearer where we could add the most value and how to do it, and that change was required within, so we embarked on a new corporate strategy to expand and focus our business in a more productive way including opening a new regional office in Perth WA and developing a clearer core business model.
Then, from left field, we had to deal with the global effects of the COVID pandemic. But we stayed the course and stuck to our new focused core business and worked even harder with our team of exceptional people and strengthened our special supplier relationships that together allow us to bring greater value and results to the demanding mining marketplace.

Our goal is not to become a large multinational corporation, where the brute force of size is used to exert influence and allows the supply of average to below-average products. But rather, to have a small expert team working with small to mid-sized mining customers who want a true value-adding relationship, supplying unique products and services, and doing it all extremely well and, as we have proven, far better in fact than what the OEMs and large aftermarket suppliers can ever hope to do.

The large multinational mining companies and OEMs are by default doomed to have to work with each other all of whom are risk-averse and delivering results that are only there because of the scale of production and manufacture, not necessarily because of exceptional creativity, ingenuity, or the best product they can supply. There is little room, or great appetite, for real change in the OEMs and big aftermarket supply companies other than getting bigger and taking out the competition, and the true innovators and early adopters of new technology reside in greater numbers in the smaller more dynamic mining operations.

These smaller to mid-cap mining operations are our core customer focus and we are proud to say we have a global footprint in such mining operations covering all continents. We know who our customers are and how to work with and deliver on design and optimization of wear products and parts for the front end of mining process plants and lightweight long-life liners and GET alternatives for mobile dippers and excavator buckets.

So, we know what our core business is and we stick to it, we believe that delivering far more than you promise is the key to our success and that a small champion team can beat a large team of champions when it focusses and knows what game it’s playing and we do!

So, what about the future? We have several exciting innovations and new technologies in our R&D pipeline, which are now picking up momentum after the global slow down, that we expect to satisfy long outstanding demands for better safety, environmental, wear liner, and crusher operational and mechanical performance in the most demanding of mining operations.

We know how hard it is to operate and maintain equipment to nameplate performance or beyond in developing countries, on remote mine sites, working on rosters, and now complicated even further by COVDID restrictions too, all these factors form a major part of our design criteria and considerations when looking for better solutions for you our customer.

We look forward to working with you, and welcoming onboard a few new customers I expect within the next 12 months, and together delivering the best value-adding technologies we can to your operation.

To all those who have joined us as customers in the last 2 years, we thank you and our existing customers for your business, it’s been quite a ride.
If you are not yet one of our valued customers but know your operation is in our focus group and you want to access exceptional value-adding products and services within our core business areas, please contact us via the Contact Us section or on LinkedIn.

We look forward to the future with great excitement and anticipation of what we can achieve together.

Ian J. Wilson
CEO Makuri Technology Group


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