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January 7, 2022

The MAKURI Group New Year Update


The Makuri Group have had a very busy 2021

Makuri Technology Pte Ltd of Singapore has completed the 100% acquisition of Mine To Mill Equipment Singapore, Makuri Manufacturing Hong Kong and Makuri Australia plus 95% of PT Multi National Equipment Indonesia. We now refer to this collective as The Makuri Group.

In Q1 2022, we will consolidate and streamline these businesses under one website. Mine To Mill Equipment will retain its brand and still function as a Makuri and non Makuri parts supplier to a global marketplace. Pt Multi National Equipment (MNE) will rebrand as Makuri Indonesia and remain a supplier of both Makuri and other selected premium non-Makuri brands into the Indonesian marketplace.

The Indonesian office will remain as a local sales and global support base for engineering, accounting and administrative activities. The Singapore office will continue its role as the parent company base and global logistics hub. In turn, the Perth office will continue to grow and expand its role as an international sales base, plus engineering management and support services too.

During this last year, we have expanded our engineering, sales and support capabilities, plus we have applied for new patents, developed new IP and found new and essential technology partners and suppliers. Our customer base has expanded to genuinely call ourselves a global supplier of specialized and high-performance custom parts to the mining industry.

We will continue developing our partnering program where we look for the right partners in terms of; customers, suppliers, and investors to allow our small but exciting business to continue expanding correctly, which is all based on adding value to mining customers.

We are excited about what we will be able to further offer in 2022 to address reductions in TCO and carbon footprint by using longer-lasting wear and machine parts. We will also launch ergonomically superior conveyors related skirting and chute liner products.

So 2022 will deliver a new website and content, new IP and new solutions to old problems from a team of people who love what they do and excel at it. Contact us if we look like the right fit to solve some of your unique challenges.


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