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As a supplier to the mining and quarry sector, it is in our best interest to ensure the viability and sustainability of the industries that not only supply our sustenance but that of the global community too, for all that can’t be grown must be mined in some way.

We take a holistic approach to reducing metal usage and associated carbon footprint by not only creating more efficient products with associated benefits, but we also work with end-users to create the appropriate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) asset models. This allows for the real costs associated with any process to not only be understood but acted on most effectively too.

We assist directly by;

  • Designing longer life parts
  • Designing more efficient parts
  • Lowering TCO and increasing existing mine efficiency and viability thereby reducing the need for capital outlays on new mines and equipment
  • Lower TCO also increases the net amounts available for all stakeholders
  • Facilitating scrap recycling when required, and
  • Being willing to work with stakeholders to build new and appropriate TCO models to validate the savings where required

To achieve these aims, we have adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework. Click here for more information



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