Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The “At Risk” Program

The Makuri group, and especially its affiliate PT MNE, have a developed a hazard reduction social program for “at risk” communities based on 3 key principles of;

  1. Alert. To alert at risk communities of the exposure they have to hazardous goods and practices that may affect their wellbeing
  2. Assist.  Provide management and financial assistance if necessary to assist in the management of the hazard based on hazard level, and
  3. Empower. Encourage ownership of the issues and the confidence to speak out about the hazard, how best to manage it and spread the knowledge to other communities.


Our current range of local community engagement topics are:
  • Asbestos hazards
  • Burning plastics
  • Mercury hazards
  • Dengue Fever & Malaria prevention
  • Motorcycle safety
  • Safe use of insecticides and fertilizers
  • Safe food storage and preparation
  • COVID-19 awareness and prevention



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