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May 27, 2021

New MAKURI Gyratory Liner Installed in Indonesia

Another new benchmarking Makuri gyratory liner installation in a gold mine. Note we benchmark our materials and designs first as close to the current operating set as we can but with corrections of obvious faults. Where the existing set look OK we benchmark off that. After a full assessment we then offer upgraded materials and designs including combinations of; corrugated liners, ceramic and exotic alloy insert liners, white irons and alloy steels and high alloy manganese steels. Note all our Manganese steel grades are unique to us and exhibit exceptional performance due to very low phosphorous and silicon levels being ½ and 1/3 of the current industry standard. We then add additional manganese, chromium and molybdenum along with a proprietary heat treatment profile to obtain the right final material characteristics we need for each application.

We are so confident of our crusher liner performance they all come with both our Level 1 and Level 2 guarantees, guaranteeing to make them the lowest cost per tonne, or per hour, crusher liner you can get. Contact us and also see our website for more details on our range of Manganese Steels and our unique industry leading 3 level guarantee system.


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