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In simple terms, Makuri Liner and Wear-Part Systems are the most technically advanced, longest lasting, wear and friction-fatigue reduction systems available for the mining industry today.

If you're engaged in extracting and processing high value minerals, especially in coarse hard rock and extreme heavy abrasive conditions. Makuri Technology helps achieve maximum equipment operational performance and significant, measurable reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Superior and proven Dipper, Bucket and Tray Wear Liner Systems that deliver lowest TCO.
Compatible with all leading OEM mining plant.

Let's be clear. We don't manufacture buckets or trays. Makuri Technology reduces the weight of those components and increases their lifespan. Buckets and Trays that have Makuri Technology can also be far more easily re-built.

We achieve this by utilising two of our core MAK technologies

MAKURI MAK-BLOKS are designed for extreme coarse hard rock mining applications in hard rock mining or in extreme abrasion applications as in coal overburden removal and bauxite mining.

They have the unique characteristics of having both lighter weight and longer life.

Choose from a custom range of superior, high performance wear blocks designs that are compatible with all excavators of 5m3 and over and all shovel and drag line dippers.

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MAKURI patented MAK-GROUT is the result of in-depth studies and tests into achieving maximum longevity of wear parts by incorporating innovative installation methodology.

The lighter weight and increases in structural stiffness created by this patented method, delivers substantial increases in structural life from the reduction in fatigue.

MAK-GROUT is designed especially for Excavator buckets > 5m3, All Shovel and Dragline dippers, Haul truck trays > 100 tonne payload.

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