MAK-Liners are a range of specialized wear plate materials and designs to suit extreme impact and abrasion applications as found in process dump pockets and transfer chutes and rope shovels, excavators and haul trucks that when used on their own, or in conjunction with MAK-Bloks and MAK-Grout allows for significant increases in wear life whilst not increasing weight and in many cases reducing it.

We have a database of the most common bucket, dipper and truck body sizes however there are many variations as these tend to be manufactured by dealers using local fabrication shops and the actual dimensions can never be certain unless detailed CAD and/or fabrication drawings are supplied.

If CAD and/or fabrication drawings are not available then the item will need to be 3D Laser scanned or drawn up by a qualified draftsman. This can be done by us under certain circumstances pending the commercial scale of the project.


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