Patented, Advanced Bimetallic Designs & Technology

MAK-Bloks replace standard wear components and some GET to solve a large range of problems including:

  • Increasing safe loading operating margins by reducing weight
  • Reducing maintenance, rebuild and inventory costs thru large life increases
  • Increases bucket structure and machine component life due to added strength and lighter weight
  • Easy to fit and apply to different bucket types
  • Can be bought as individual pieces or selected and supplied made up into custom Kits
  • All MAK-BLOKS come in MAK-HARD XAB Grade wear material
  • MAK-Bloks can be fitted to any bucket, dipper or truck tray without knowing exact size and dimensions of the application as general dimensions are sufficient to select the appropriate Blok system

Download the Makuri Mak-Bloks Selection and installation Handbook here


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