Mak-4 Liner System

Makuri Technology’s core business is the design, development and supply of high-performance wear liners in hard rock mining applications.
When applied to dipper, bucket and haul truck tray liners we can offer both longer life and lower weight liners using combinations of our patented and proprietary installation, materials, and designs called MAK-Liners, MAK-Bloks, MAK-Grout and Makuri Chrome Titanium Hard Facing wire and when all used together we call the MAK 4 Liner System.

Once integrated the 4 high-performance Makuri components have a value of the whole far greater than the sum of the parts. Note MAK 4 is specially developed for dipper and larger excavator bucket liners at this time.

The MAK 4 Liner System can provide what no OEM, or any aftermarket suppliers, can in terms of liner performance in dippers and buckets and take machines working in hard rock and highly abrasive digging applications to new benchmarks in terms of increased overall operating time, reduction in planned and unplanned downtime, lowest cost per operating hour (CPOH), or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Whichever measures are being used or wish to be developed, Makuri will work with you.

The MAK 4 Liner System allows an extensive range of options that can be summarized as follows:

  • Same liner life with maximum reduced weight, or
  • Same liner weight with maximum increase in life, or
  • Many possible combinations of lower weight plus increase in life – both are achievable in many applications and is the most common choice and starting point

Liner Design The Makuri Way

  1. Use the best materials you can at the lowest thickness – Not the cheapest material at the greatest thickness
  2. Protect the leading and trailing edges of the liner plates if they are exposed to impact and flow of materials
  3. Make full use of MAK-Bloks and Chrome Titanium hard facing to protect welds and plate joints, and
  4. Liners of the same material that are grouted will last a lot longer than the same non-grouted liners

Go from zero to hero at MAK 4 speeds with Makuri Technology

See the MAK-Mining handbook which is coming soon


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