MAK 3 Lining Systems

A MAK 3 system combines all of Makuri’s technologies for bucket liners and truck trays to produce an end result that, when combined together, will give better performance than any individual part on its own.

MAK 3 Liner Design Options

We can design around these options;

  1. Maximum reduced weight with same life
  2. Lower weight plus increase in life – possible in many applications
  3. Same weight with maximum increase in life

MAK 3 Liner Design Considerations

  1. Use the best materials you can at the lowest thickness – NOT the cheapest materials at the greatest thickness,
  2. Liners of the same material that are grouted will last a lot longer than non-grouted liners,
  3. Make full use of MAK-Bloks to provide lighter weight, but longer life coverage and protection
  4. Protect the leading and trailing edges of the MAK -Liner and MAK-Bloks if they are exposed to impact and flow of materials,
  5. Hard face exposed installation welds on liners and blocks

MAK 3 Advantage

The MAK 3 advantage results in;

  1. With buckets makes the Non-GET wear components lighter with no loss, or with possible increases in life, by using new technology materials and patented designs that are also lower in profile and offer less digging resistance,
  2. With both buckets and trays use new liner plate materials and designs that not only are lighter and last longer, but are also offer a lower coefficient of friction, and reduce or eliminate carry back,
  3. The use of patented grouted liner technology in extreme impact and deflection applications which also allows for extremely lightweight structural designs to be used and offer an associated increase in structural integrity and safety where required too, this results in;
  • Massive extension of structure life
  • Less stress on the equipment overall due to lighter weight – especially on shovel dippers
  • Increases in availability through longer liner life and less unplanned downtime
  • Less downstream damage to crushers and conveyors

Go from Zero to MAK 3 with Makuri Technology


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