Chute Liners

Superior options to replace standard wear plate

Makuri manufactures chute liners in a range of materials, including our flagship MAK-Hard Bimetallic cast and forged liners, cast white irons, ceramic composites and forged manganese plates. By adopting an approach that focuses on using the correct material in the correct location with the correct thickness and design, Makuri solutions can reduce not only operating cost per hour or per tonne but the Total Cost of Ownership to a significant level.

Contrary to the approach of many suppliers, we don’t simply line chutes with the thickest and cheapest material we can find but rather, we utilise tools such as Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) to resolve the root cause of wear issues and then select materials and create designs that will stand up to the materials sizing and types, velocities and flow paths being encountered and will last the required amount of time, with a safety margin,  before requiring replacement. This allows for highly reliable chute liner systems than can reduce replacement frequency and increase safety



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