Sizer Teeth

Makuri offers a range of solutions for sizer teeth including alloy steels and ceramic composites.

Reliability and proper fitment of sizer teeth is critical, especially in ‘dovetail’ style assemblies which can be prone to failure if not dimensionally accurate and cast to a high standard. Makuri understands these problems and provides the proper quality controls to ensure that its sizer teeth last the expected amount of time and resist breakage.

Our ceramic composite teeth can produce significant life increases in the right application, while our standard teeth provide a high quality, lower cost alternative to OEM components.

Typical Problems

  • Inconsistent quality can lead to uneven wear between teeth
  • Breakages due to casting flaws & dimensional inaccuracy
  • Tooth life not consistent with required shutdown schedules

Makuri Technology have tailored a comprehensive range of product solutions to resolve these issues. Please contact us to find out how these can benefit your company.

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