SAG Mill Feed Chutes

The SAG mill is often the most critical part of any process plant. Don’t risk losing availability by ignoring the feed chute.

The SAG mill is the ‘cash register’ of most mining operations & if it isn’t turning, you’re not making money. Despite the critical nature of this part of the plant, the chute that feeds it is often neglected. Makuri is one of the few suppliers worldwide that focuses on SAG mill feed chute design and is able to optimise these by modelling wear, particle and fluid flows using a range of advanced techniques.

In addition, we have developed a number of solutions to facilitate maintenance to ensure that when maintenance needs to be done, the mill is back up and running with a minimum amount of fuss.

Typical Problems

  • The effects of high velocity water addition into the ore path and the resultant turbulent flow cause wear paths that can rapidly and unpredictably wear out the chute.
  • Liner change intervals that don’t match mill shutdown intervals
  • Blockages & material hold-ups
  • Localised wear on a few liners only
  • Long & cumbersome liner change process
  • High wear rates result in thick liner materials reducing open area and increasing the risk of blockage
  • These issues in SAG mill feed chutes are responsible for significant unplanned downtime and lost production.

Makuri Technology have tailored a comprehensive range of product solutions to resolve these issues. Please contact us to find out how these can benefit your company.

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