Process modelling and PI Data analysis

Understanding the process

Every application is different and has unique requirements. To demonstrate lowest TCO, components need to be application-specifc and designed to achieve site targets in terms of life, tonnage, product size and power draw. By utilising our proven analysis, design and modelling techniques, we are able to produce designs that will perform exactly as expected and achieve site life targets.

To truly investigate how a process is operating, careful attention is required to determine what each component is doing throughout its useful life. This often involves analyzing over 100,000 data points to isolate trends and identify problems that simply cannot be found through direct observation. To facilitate this process, Makuri utilises a range of in-house analysis tools and data mining techniques to provide objective data on overall plant performance.

Makuri offers these services as a normal part of supply to priority customers. This ensures that our products continue to offer lowest TCO, and allows us to implement any required changes when site conditions or production requirements are altered.

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