HP and MP Series Cone Crusher heads

HP® and MP® series crushers are well known for their high tonnage capacity and will produce crushed product at or near their rated load 24/7 without issues when operated correctly.

Consumables such as wear liners are always going to require replacement eventually, but structural components such as heads are not generally regarded as consumable items. On these machines however, cracking in the head can be a source of ongoing frustration and lead to unplanned downtime.

It is normally uneconomical to repair these components as the cost of doing so often outweighs the cost of replacement. To further compound issues, there are very few manufacturers worldwide able to manufacture these parts reliably. This results in very long lead times on new components, forcing users to resort to expensive repairs that are unlikely to provide similar life to a new item.

In keeping with our core values of providing lowest Total Cost of Ownership, Makuri made a decision to not just supply copy parts that would perform in the same manner but instead produce a superior product that would be expected to run for longer. To achieve this, our engineering team analysed cracking issues on a wide range of failed heads and implemented changes to reduce these problems.

The end result of this project is a high-quality product that we believe represents a new inustry standard in reliability, and one that Makuri can proudly call its own.

Typical Problems

  • Long OEM lead times on replacement parts
  • Regular cracking in heavily loaded areas
  • Repair cost is often more than the replacement cost

Makuri Technology have tailored a comprehensive range of product solutions to resolve these issues. Please contact us to find out how these can benefit your company.

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