MAK-Grout for Excavator Buckets

Patented Grouted Liner Installation Technology

Reduce bucket lining weight without reducing safety

Makuri conducted an extensive investigation into liner failures on both large rope shovel dippers and large excavator buckets working in the hard rock under high impact and abrasion conditions at a large copper mine in Indonesia over a period of years.

This showed that a majority of early to mid-life failures of liners that still had considerable remaining wear life were as a result of a lack of support under the liner plates allowing for deformation and causing localized high wear spots and also installation weld cracking

A patented solution was developed that pumped in grout under the liners to remove all the voids and created a very high integrity composite liner system between the structure and liners. This allowed for the full liner life to be had not allowing deformation and local high wear areas and weld splitting, all of which can and liners to come out. The consequences of liners entering the crushing and conveying system also creates significant production risk issues. For a full report see our Downloads page

It was subsequently trialled and tested on haul truck trays which showed that it not only extended the life of liners on standard body structures and as it distributed the load over a far greater surface area but also allowed for the use of much lighter body structures with great effect too

The combined strength and increased structural stiffness of the composite of liners, grout and body allowed for the use of very lightweight liners and bodies, but also made for economically repairable and rebuildable bodies too, unlike their throw away counterparts

Grouted liners also allows for lighter, thinner and harder liners to be installed into damaged buckets and haul truck trays without major replacement of deformed and/or extensively worn sections

If you would like to explore this technology and partner with Makuri to develop mobile equipment liner systems to suit your application, then Contact Us.

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