Gyratory Crusher Liners

Proper design of gyratory crusher liners leads to more consistent crushed product size and predictable liner change intervals

Gyratory crushers are normally the first part of the processing plant and will often have zero redundancy. An unexpected shutdown on a gyratory crusher can reduce or eliminate crushed ore stockpile levels, causing production losses and mill instability.

Through proper design, Makuri is able to supply gyratory crusher liners that will often exceed OEM performance by more than 100%, while still providing consistent performance throughout the life of the liner set. Our superior design capabilities coupled with high quality materials and extensive quality control ensure that our products perform as expected and in line with customer expectations.

To achieve this, we use a combination of alloy steel, white iron and manganese concaves with carefully designed smooth, corrugated and partially corrugated mantles to provide an optimum solution for each individual site. Compatibility between mantles and concaves is crucial, as are tonnage requirements and liner life. These can all be optimised by Makuri, allowing us to provide our lowest TCO guarantee on all sets.

Typical Problems

  • Inconsistent crushed product size
  • Unpredictable throughput rates
  • Unstable stockpile size & composition
  • Unpredictable liner life
  • Poor or excessive power utilization
  • Poor throughput in later concave life
  • Excessive unplanned maintenance

All of the above can cause mill instability , high costs and less than optimum process throughput

Makuri Technology have tailored a comprehensive range of product solutions to resolve these issues. Please contact us to find out how these can benefit your company.

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