Excavator Buckets

Makuri has designed wear packages for a wide range of excavator buckets for brands including Hitachi, Liebherr, Komatsu and Caterpillar. However, because bucket designs and configurations vary so widely, this is best evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure proper fit and compatibility with existing GET systems.

MAK-BLOK components for excavator buckets.

These components can be selected based on application and are made up of a variety if combinations. To see the full list, please scroll to below the enquiry form.

Typical Problems

  • Poor wear performance
  • Mismatched liner wear rates results in partial liner changes
  • Premature failure of liners in high wear areas
  • Reduced carrying capacity due to liner weight

Makuri Technology have tailored a comprehensive range of product solutions to resolve these issues. Please contact us to find out how these can benefit your company.

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These are a 2-component system that can replace all types of Heel Shrouds and come in a Standard size in various configurations and are suitable for all rock bucket applications. They also come in a Heavy version for larger buckets or heavier duty applications and also in a special Light, low profile, version for use in high digging friction applications.

Edge Protectors can also be used individually as separate wear components in the outer and inner surfaces of the bucket in both flat and radiused areas.


These are a multi component system that fits all types of buckets and are fitted into the internal bucket corners. They come in a Standard size for buckets up to 20m3 or a Heavy size for buckets over 20m3. They provide not only additional stiffness and exceptional increases in bucket structural life but also provide anti hang up benefits.


These are a 3 components system that can replace all types of Lip, Wing and Cheek Shrouds. They can also be used individually as wear blocks in other areas as best suited.


Other MAK-BLOKS that fit flat and radiused areas as best suited to provide long life, light weight wear materials options.

  • MAK-CHOK BLOKS – 6x Standard & 1x Mega Chocky Block sizes.
  • MAK-BARS – 7x Standard bar sizes.
  • MAK-BUTTONS – 4x Standard Button sizes.
  • MAK-TRAK BLOKS – 2 sizes and 3 thicknesses being single and double wear blocks that can be used individually or in conjunction to form a semi continuous wear protection on flat and internal and external radiused surfaces.
  • MAK-PLUG PLATES – 2 sizes and 3 thicknesses wear plates complete with welding plug holes located in the center area.

Makuri have created liner packages for the following models of excavator buckets:

  • 5m³ CAT 390 Rock Bucket
  • 15m³ HITACHI EX2600
  • 18m³ LIEBHERR R935
  • 40m³ HITACHI EX8000 Face Shovel0

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