Crusher Liner Optimization

Targeted life, Targeted performance

Makuri goes above and beyond the usual approach of offering crusher liners to standard OEM-equivalent profiles, and instead evaluates each application to provide liners that will perform as required and for as long as required.To achieve this, we utilise a five-step process to unlock maximum value:

Stage 1: Evaluation

Before proceeding with any testing, we collect individual crusher data to evaluate current operating parameters and conditions. While some applications can be evaluated with a small amount of data, more complex issues may require investigating factors such as ore type, worn liner profles, closed side settings, tonnages, feed size distributions, power draw and feeding confguration. Project goals and performance targets are discussed and agreed to determine future directions.

Stage 2: Benchmarking

Benchmark testing normally involves using designs and parameters as close as possible to current practice, with improved Makuri material grade. Severe issues may require some design changes before initial testing is performed to ensure improvements are obtained as soon as possible.

Stage 3 – Cavity profle optimisation

Following stage 2, we scan the liners and analyze all results and data using our proprietary software. We then offer an optimized liner profle to provide improvements in line with agreed targets. Unless life is a primary consideration, we normally fnd it more benefcial to initially address the machine performance prior to embarking on life improvements.

80 to 90% of the required improvements are obtained at this stage, with minor changes required in later stages to fully achieve targets.

Stage 4: Life optimization

Any remaining life and performance requirements can be further optimised with minimal changes once stage 3 is complete.

Stage 5: Monitoring & continuous improvement

To ensure that lowest TCO is maintained and continuous improvement KPIs upheld, Makuri conducts ongoing reviews and reporting to identify further optimisation opportunities
due to any ore type variances or operational changes. Makuri offers this service as part of ongoing supply agreements within agreed cost structures.

Common Problems

  • Poor crushing performance
  • Inconsistent liner wear
  • Excessive power draw
  • Low tonnage
  • Liner failures

Makuri Technology’s crusher optimization services allows users to resolve the above issues, along with many more. For further information, contact us or download our Process Handbook.

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