Quarry Grade Manganese Steel Mn1A

MAK-Tuff Mn1A is a standard 14% manganese grade that complies with ASTM A128 standards. It is a good choice where a low cost option is required & where extreme impact protection is required.

As with all makuri grades however, Mn1A substantially exceeds ASTM and OEM standards for purity of tramp materials such as phosphorous, which has a detrimental effect on material integrity.

The newly developed Makuri Mn1A alloy exhibits exceptional performance due to new refining processes that reduce Phosphorus and Silicon levels to 1/2 and 1/3 of the current industry standard. This higher purity allows more extreme heat treatment profiles to be used in both the quenching and tempering cycles to produce a fully thru hardened, very durable, highly crack resistant long life crusher liner that is extremely cost-effective when used in the most typical crushing applications.

We are so confident in its performance it comes with both our Level 1 and Level 2 guarantees, guaranteeing to make it the lowest cost per tonne, or per hour, crusher liner you can get.

The Benefits

  • Lowest cost to use, highly crack resistant and long life
  • Very predicable wear life so changes can be planned with confidence
  • Can be optimized using our proprietary cavity profiling software

Material and Composition

Makuri Mn1A is based on ASTM A128 standards, with individual compositions adjusted depending on casting thickness, complexity and performance requirements.

Typical composition is as follows:

Carbon: 1.05-1.35%
Manganese: 12-14%
Silicon: 0.35% max¹
Phosphorous: 0.04% max¹

¹Levels specified for these materials in the ASTM standard (as used by most other manufacturers) are 1% and 0.07% respectively.

Pouring temperatures are carefully controlled to ensure proper solidification and heat treatment is conducted in microprocessor-controlled furnaces. Quenching is then performed in chilled, temperature-controlled quenching baths.


Welding must be performed by suitably qualified personnel and finished welds should be subject to appropriate proof load tests compliant with local and site safety requirements before being used for lifting purposes. Lifting lugs used should comply with the relevant local standards, and all welds used for lifting should be full penetration.

Welding consumables compliant with AS1553.3 / AWS A5.4 can be used for this purpose. CIGWeld Satincrome 308L16 is a typical product that complies with this specification.

It is important that preheat and postweld heat treatment of welds on manganese steel is avoided as it can damage the structure of the steel.

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