MAK-Hard Forged Bimetallics

MAK-Hard XAB Series forged bimetallic plates are an overlay wear plate, utilising a construction-grade steel backing with a pre-stressed wear-resistant overlay deposited on top. The unique manufacturing process produces a highly consistent, smooth wear surface that can outlast typical quenched and tempered plates by 5-6x, and many common chromium carbide wear plates by 30-50%.

Makuri forged bimetallic plate comes in two grades:

  • XAB8 has a composition similar to many common chromium carbide clad plates, but is produced using our unique process to outlast similar products
  • XAB9 contains a number of additional alloying elements that promote the formation of a higher percentage of carbides than standard chromium carbide plate, and the carbides that are formed are often of a higher quality and more resistant to wear. This material has been shown through independent wear tests performed by Tunra at the University of Newcastle to outlast all comparable products tested.

Both of these grades are available in a range of wear material thicknesses up to 20mm, which is significantly higher than what can be achieved using a more common weld overlay method – most overlay plates are limited to a maximum wear material thickness of 17mm due to structural problems occuring between the weld layers. Makuri’s unique manufacturing process is not subject to this limitation as the entire wear surface can be deposited in a single pass, allowing a higher wear material thickness.

In cases where the required wear material thickness exceeds the upper limit of 20mm, we are able to offer our Mak-Hard XAB cast bimetallic wear plates, which can be manufactured to any thickness required.

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