MAK-Hard Extreme Abrasion Alloy Steel

Mak-Hard XAB7 is a high hardness low alloy steel that has been developed for lower rows on gyratory crusher concaves. It is liquid-quenched and then tempered to a final hardness between 500-550 BHN.  The material shows relatively good resistance to cracking if the machine is fed tramp metal, and also provides a consistent wear pattern when combined with the slightly lower hardness XAB6 material on the row(s) above.

XAB7 material is normally used in a concave set composed of Mn3A manganese on the top row, XAB6 low alloy steel on the middle row and XAB7 on the lower row. This combination provides an excellent wear life while minimizing the risk of failure due to too-hard concaves being placed in the wrong areas.



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