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Makuri understands the challenging and difficult natture of our working environments and commit, in all ways possible, to minimize the negative impact our business and personnel have on the environment. This includes working towards the highest standards in our personnel, environmental impact and ethical conduct along with producing products that will always prove to be the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers when specified and used correctly.

Staff Development

Makuri invests in its staff with ongoing training to ensure that the standard of work produced and the quality of our products that result from those efforts will perform to the required standard.

These include technical training delivered both internally and externally on items such as design software, simulation, materials and general product information. In addition, ongoing training in proper mining principles and practices ensures that new staff hit the gorund running.

A high level of product knowledge is crucial to correct application of many of our products, and through these programs customers can be assured that our promise of lowest Total Cost of Ownership will be achieved.

Product Quality

Makuri only sources its products from tested and proven manufacturers and conducts additional in-house checks prior to dispatch in line with our ISO9001 quality system. Our primary manufacturer is currently commissioning a world-class foundry compliant with all international environmental regulations, and utilises a high degree of automation and CNC pattern making facilities.

Being able to show lowest TCO on a long-term basis requires our products to be not only high quality, but also consistent in performance. For this reason, we have tightened the specifications on many of our materials to exceed normal ASTM and ISO standards, providing a higher degree of repeatability in performance.

Health, Safety and Environment

Makuri has implemented a Safety Management System designed to comply with ISO14001, and conducts regular in-house safety meetings. Every Makuri meeting begins with a Safety Share to reinforce this culture.

In addition, we run a number of local CSR programs within Indonesia that focus on a range of common issues such as motorcycle safety and asbestos exposure hazards.

See our Sustainability section for more details


  • We pride ourselves on being a transparent, open and accountable group of companies that win and retain business by demonstrating the value of the goods and services that we provide in an ethical manner
  • We do not exploit weaknesses in the regulatory environments in which we may be supplying goods and services
  • We comply with the laws and regulations applicable to all jurisdictions in which we are domiciled
  • We conduct due diligence and risk assessment/risk mitigation, audit, and internal investigations as applicable



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