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The Makuri group is constantly innovating through the testing and use of new designs and materials that will deliver ever-increasing value to mining customers.

To our knowledge few, if any, other mining wear-systems companies spends the amount of time or money in ratio to sales on Research and Development than we do.

Our materials and composites have been specifically developed by us and are proven to deliver the lowest TCO in their area of use and many are also covered under patent protection.

Our Design and Innovation process is based on:

  • Making customer-specific solutions to customer-specific problems
  • Having a complete In-house design capability utilizing experienced mechanical, process and reliability engineers
  • Completing a rigorous design review process to ensure successful implementation of new concepts
  • Field testing under the most arduous of conditions with participating partners

Optimization Services

Makuri provides a range of optimization services designed to ensure that any changes proposed will have the highest chance of success. To do this, we utilise a range of in-house and commercially available tools, including:

  • Laser scanning wear analysis and condition monitoring
  • Wear simulation and wear state forecasting
  • Discrete element analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Smoothed particle hydrodynamics
  • Finite element analysis

By getting the design right at the beginning, we can provide the shortest path to TCO available. To find out more, click here

Our Partner Program

We seek out the “innovators and early adopters” who want early access to new Design and Innovation possibilities in the areas of mine or process operations that match our core business competencies. Contact us to determine if this fit is right for you.



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